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What is CAMS-MS?

Clinical and Applied Mass Spectrometry Master of Science, (CAMS-MS) is a graduate degree program that provides rigorous academic and practical training to work in the innovative and expanding field of mass spectrometry. This unique hybrid program offers flexible online classes with in-person lab rotations to ensure our students have access to a cutting-edge rigorous education that fits into their life.

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What is CAMS-MS?


How to Apply?

You want to enroll in one of the most dynamic careers in science or you need more info about the process. Click here and be part of it!

Why CAMS Master of Science?

Mass Spectrometry is one of the fastest growing fields in science. Get the training you need for this cutting edge career in our one year program.

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Over $70,000

Average starting salary in Mass Spec


jobs being advertised for specialist trained mass spectrometrists

$12.7 billion

Projected growth in the MS market by 2030


The Fastest Growing Career in Science you don’t Know About

Whether you are a recent STEM college graduate or have a career in science, you may have heard about Mass Spectrometry.

Our Newest Addition is the expert and teacher other MS programs wish they had

In building the Master of Science in Clinical and Applied Mass Spectrometry program, our department has been striving for the best.